Familiar Territory

Being down 0-2 to the Warriors in the NBA Finals is nothing new for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Two years ago, they faced the same deficit and were able to win Game 3 in Cleveland and eventually went on to win the championship. Last year, facing the same scenario, they blew a late lead and ended up losing Game 3 and ultimately the series. This year, it’s another 0-2 hole and the scene shifts to Cleveland for tonight’s Game 3. To get the Index’ pick, click HERE.

In MLB action, Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani (4-1, 3.18) takes the mound again for the LA Angels as they continue their series against the Kansas City Royals. To get the Index’ pick for this game and the full MLB schedule, click HERE.

And in the NHL, the Washington Capitals pumped up the offense Monday night and came away with a 6-2 win over the Vegas Golden Knights. The Caps are now one win away from their first Stanley Cup as the venue moves back to Vegas for Game 5. on Thursday. To get the Index’ pick, click HERE.

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