About Us :The Dunkel Index

Dunkel IndexSince its creation in 1929, the Dunkel Index has provided sports fans with a unique system for forecasting games. The Dunkel method is based on the simple premise that future performance can be predicated on past results. To achieve an accurate predictive model, Dick Dunkel, Sr., developed a progressive statistical formula that encapsulates all the possible variables affecting a team. It is one of the few known formulas to incorporate the strength of one team’s schedule against another’s. The Index basically reflects all the intangibles that can affect the performance of any team, on any given day, regardless of the circumstances.

Dunkel’s system proved a success when he initially applied it to college football. Subsequent attempts to use the Index to predict games in pro football, basketball (both pro and college) and baseball proved equally successful. As a result, the Dunkel Index built up a following nationwide with fans looking for an edge in predicting upcoming games. And while attempts to replicate Dunkel’s success have spawned other systems, the Index maintains a strong and growing base of users thanks to a number of factors:

    1. Longevity: The Index is no fly-by-night operation. It was created in 1929 by Dick Dunkel, Sr., a full six years before the very first Associated Press poll. While much has changed in sports, the Dunkel family has managed to produce its ratings and game predictions every year since then — a continuous streak that will not soon be broken.


    1. Integrity: The Index is not owned by some large conglomerate with conflicting interests, but continues to be run by the Dunkel family whose only interest is upholding the standard set by Dick, Sr., and his son, Dick, Jr. The Index uses no “fudge factors” or speculation; every pick is subjected to careful analysis and run through the Dunkel models.


    1. Accuracy: Because of Dunkel’s experience and time-tested methods, the Index has been able to accurately predict hundreds of thousands of games since its inception. Whether straight up or against the spread, the system consistently picks winners. And there’s no “cherry-picking”, either. Dunkel produces a prediction for a full slate of games, not just the obvious mismatches. But the real benefit of the Index is its ability to generate a margin of victory for each game. By producing a spread to compare with others, Dunkel gives users a unique way to gauge the strength of the picks.


    1. Accountability: Dunkel stands by every prediction: even the ones we miss. All picks are published well before game time and do not change. An archive of the picks is also kept so you can compare our predictions with the results. There is no double-dealing.


    1. Accessibility: We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built up over the last 89 years. Bob Dunkel, the third generation of Dunkels to head the Index, personally responds to each e-mail. We welcome any questions or input you have and can be reached day or night at dunkelratings@msn.com.

The Dunkel Index has a long and distinguished past, and its ability to produce accurate predictions continues to win fans everywhere. This is not to say that the Index will always be right. Upsets are a major part of sports and as yet no model has been created that accurately predicts every game. But what Dunkel gives you is one of the best “yardsticks” ever developed, which will give you a valuable edge in forecasting games. For decades people have been checking with Dunkel first before making their picks. Join the crowd…you’ll be glad you did.